Bare Root Roses A-Z


Rose sales for 2017 are closed.  Thank you for another good year!

Shipping Cost:  You will never be charged more than $16 for shipping your entire order to a single address (on the same shipping date.).  Orders of 3 or less roses will be charged a $14 shipping fee.   Orders for 4 or more roses will be charged $16.

Our guarantee:  We guarantee your roses will arrive in good condition.  If they do not, you have 14 days to call or write and let us know.   We will either refund your money or replace the roses, our choice.  We do not guarantee roses to survive the year since we have no control of the growing environment.

We do not ship roses to Hawaii or Alaska.  Lower 48 States only.

  • ChildrensHope
    Children's Hope$21.99$8.00
    Only $8 while they last. We all have hopes and dreams. For children, it’s to be healthy so they can play. The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation helps get sick children back to good health. Their mission is to improve treatment, help with quality of life and the long-term outlook of children with brain and spinal cord tumors through research, support, education, and advocacy to families and survivors. Each sale of the Children’s Hope rose helps to achieve this mission with a portion of the proceeds going back to the foundation. The foundation contribution is an added bonus to your purchase as you are also getting a blooming machine of a rose! Click image to see a complete description of this great new shrub.

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  • CupidsKisse
    Cupid's Kisses$19.99$13.99
    This delightful miniature climbing rose is genuinely floriferous, producing an abundance of ruffled, dark pink blooms with contrasting white eyes. Perfectly formed buds open in small clusters and repeat until late fall, the flowers fading to a lovely lavender rose as they age. The vigorous plant establishes itself quickly, sending out strong canes that spread from six to eight feet wide. Hardy in most climates, Cupid's Kisses™ performs exceptionally well on the West Coast, and will be an attractive, lush shrub in colder zones. Foliage and blooms are perfectly balanced, and its compact size is ideal for containers or trailing on small trellises for a burst of sensational colour on porch or patio.

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  • TropicalLightning.jpg
    Tropical Lightning$19.99$13.99
    New for 2017! Smoke orange & cream striped Climber, extremely novel color, excellent bud and flower form, blooms in very nice clusters, slight tea fragrance, large very glossy and attractive foliage, excellent continuous bloomer with good fall repeat, dark red new shoots, very quick to establish itself reaching 8-10 feet tall. Limited Quantities!

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