Hudson Neverpump 4 gallon(Battery Powered Backpack)

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BACK IN STOCK & READY TO SHIP!! First, let me say that we have been looking for a sprayer like this for many years. When customers called in the past that did not need or could not afford the Spotshot sprayer, we pointed them to the Black & Decker battery-powered backpack. This was a nice little unit that sold for around $100, and although we did not sell this unit, we felt it fit a huge category of customers with small to medium-sized gardens. It didn't have a long battery life but was the best thing out there in the price range. Unfortunately, this unit is no longer manufactured and until now we had nothing to offer.

For several years we tested various battery-powered sprayers with no success. They either had unacceptable battery life or the pump pressure was so low it did not do the job for spaying rose plants.  We are very excited to offer the 

Hudson NeverPump® Battery Operated Bak-Pak® Sprayer

The manufacturer claims the battery life to be 10 hours! Of course we were skeptical, so we did our own test. We charged the sprayer fully and put one gallon of water in its tank. We turned on the pump and locked the spray handle in the "spray on" position. We placed the wand inside the tank and below the surface of the water. Therefore, the pump was being forced to spray through the nozzle and into the water. After 4 hours of continuous running, full pressure. After 8 hours, full pressure! After 12 hours, YES, still full pressure. We were absolutely amazed and know you will be too. We can highly recommend this sprayer. (Note: The sprayer weighs approximately 20 lbs empty.)

Here are the manufacture's comments:

  Sprays for 10 Hours on a Single Battery Charge! Professional Grade Features
  • Braided Power-style Hose
  • Large poly on/off Valve–comfortable, thumb operated
  • Extra Long 20" Poly Spray Wand
  • Bonus Nozzle System with 3 Different Spray Settings
  • Lead Acid Battery Sprays for 10 Continuous Hours on a Single Charge
  • Includes AC Charger that completely Charges Battery in 9 Hours
  • Extra Large Fill Opening Prevents Spills when Adding Chemical

Customers note:  Past versions of this unit came with casters.  In our opinion they served no practical purpose since they were not constructed to "move" the unit when full.  We found the unit harder to fill with the casters and are happy to report this sprayer no longer has them.

Last be not least:  If you cannot carry the weight of a backpack sprayer full of water (about 50 lbs) you can strap this unit to a light-weight furniture dolly.  Many of our customers have extended the hose by 10 feet (parts available at your local hardware store).  This configuration makes it easy to move about the garden and give you some extra reach.


Here is what Allen Thomas of Cincinnati, OH had to say:


".....I decided to simply attached it to a 2 wheel dolly I bought at Home Depot for $29 and I spliced a 15' section of hose to the original.  This will work much better for me with my bad back and no mess with lots of extension cords to deal with.  Needless to say I am a very happy customer.  I will be passing this information along to my fellow members in the Cincinnati Rose Society as well as a demo video of how I have mine set up.  Thanks a million,  Allen Thomas."


Below is a photo of Allen's NeverPump.