Rosemania Mud Gloves

Rosemania Mud Gloves
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Proper sizing should be determined in number of inches, not a letter of the alphabet. However, we Americans prefer generalization and simplifications so most sizes are identified as XS, SM, MED, LG and XL.

The method described, below is 90%+ accurate.

Using a tape measure (in inches), press the starting end of the tape between the thumb knuckle and hand (fist) knuckles. Wrap the tape around the hand knuckles until you reach the beginning or where you started this unique adventure. The thumb is not included in the wrap around (sorry, thumb).

Read the number of inches where your tape end meets your "wrap around" and you have the approximate numeric size of your hand. Here are some matchups of the numerics with some of our styles and sizes:


Women's small. Fits our XS Mud Glove
Women's medium. Fits our SM Mud Glove
8 81/2"爼
Women's large. Fits our MED Mud Glove, M/L Gauntlet gloves


Men's small. Fits our SM Mud Glove and S/M Gauntlet gloves
Men's medium. Fits our MED Mud Glove疇 and S/M Gauntlet gloves
Men's large. Fits our LG Mud Glove and L/XL Gauntlet gloves
Men's extra large. Fits our LG Mud Glove and L/XL Gauntlet gloves

Rosemania Mud Gloves
Average rating:
1 reviews

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Rosemania Mud Gloves
Love these!
I have used these for several years when I need to get "down and dirty" with my garden cleanup. They allow me to work in the mud and grime of my fall and spring cleanup while keeping my hands safe. Get a pair! Also great to give your gardening friends as gifts!!