Fimco 3 in 1 Sprayer (NEW)

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This is our review of the new Fimco LG 4-3-1 sprayer.


The good:

 The unit can be used as a “pull behind” or “backpack” sprayer and comes with the accessories for both.  Honestly we don’t see why anyone would want to carry the weight when you could pull it, but some may prefer to do that.

The pump and the battery are both built “inside” the spray gun.  This makes this unit very low maintenance and while you cannot purchase the battery or the pump separately, the entire gun replacement is sold by Fimco for less than $40.   The expected life of the battery is 500 hours.

One note on charging…. The spray handle can be easily removed from the hose to facilitate charging anywhere.  We like this option.   Customers note: You MUST turn the valve on the spray gun assembly to the “off” position before trying to de-couple the hose from the spray gun.   Failure to do so could damage the connector.

While there is some assembly required, we found the unit easy to put together.

The unit’s measurements are well marked and it holds up to 4 gallons.  Extra tanks can be purchased.

The tank can be removed easily from the frame and unused solutions poured out.   This also makes cleanup very simple.

You can also carry the tank by the handle and this is really nice for misting blooms or small jobs.

While certainly not the power of a Spotshot or Hudson NeverPump, most customers will find the spray pattern adequate for small gardens.  However, if you are expecting a “strong” spray, don’t buy this unit.   It works best almost fully closed to a “mist”.   This mist will reach a couple of feet and will also save spray solution.  Great for a second sprayer for misting blooms.

The charger is simple and plugs into the spray gun handle.  It looks much like what you would use to charge a cell phone.

The Bad:

When filled to the top, we found the unit could turn over forward on uneven slopes.  No issues on flat ground.

The initial priming will take a minute or so each time you spray

We wish the wand was a bit longer

The nozzle tends to leak after turning off in the stored position.  We found the best way to eliminate this was to close the tip.

We have never liked coiled hoses.  This one doesn’t seem to kink like the LG-8 model, but we recommend you don’t stretch it to the max, but instead pull the tank with you as you go.


Overall:  We can recommend this for small gardens and for customers who need a better gadget for misting blooms for thrip and other insect control.