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Finally, a rose glove tough on protection, flexible on fit and unrivaled in comfort and style.

Thorn-proof, lightweight and flexible, the new West County Gardener Rose Glove is worlds apart from bulky rose gloves of the past. Made with unique 100% synthetic suede, they're tough enough to keep thorns out, but supple enough for delicate tasks.

Our new Rose Glove features durable, puncture-resistant synthetic suede, padded palms and reinforced finger pads to protect against sharp thorns, prickly stems or abrasive logs. The extended elbow-length gauntlet shields forearms and protects against snagged sleeves. Gauntlet openings are large, making for better air circulation, less perspiration build-up and a more comfortable fit. Tops of hands and forearms stay cool and flexible too. The resilient Rose Glove is a perfect choice for any "thorny" task. Elegant styling and rich mellow saffron color paired with olive palm complete the signature West County look.

Sized for women and men, the new Rose Glove is available in sizes XS - XL.


100% synthetic heavy weight suede cloth
Thorn proof, tough and light weight.

Breathable and flexible
Lighter weight makes it more breathable. Head buildup can escape through the material keeping hands cool and dry.

Elbow-length gauntlet
Extends arm protection up to elbow and saves shirts from snags. Large gauntlet opening increases air flow and makes it easy to wear over long sleeves.

Reinforced contact points
Reinforced heavy wear areas provide extra thorn protection on the palm and finger pads.

Lightly padded palm
For extra protection from thorns and pruners

Machine washable, tumble dry low

Sized for Women and Men

Colorfast pigments resist fading, running or color transfer on to hands.

How to choose a size:

Print out one of the following sizing charts and follow the instructions on where to place your hand to take the measurement.

Women's Sizing Chart

Men's Sizing Chart

West County Rose Gloves

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