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This truly is an incredible product. The good news: used at 1 to 2 tablespoons per gallon it should eliminate thrips and other chewing insects in a week to ten days! We saw little action after first day, about 50% kill after three days and almost total elimination after one week. Naturalis L works best when used with a spreader/sticker like Indicate 5.

The product is live spores and when the temperature rises to above 80° the spores become active and basically eat the suspension vehicle (the liquid in the bottle). This is also why it needs to be stored in a cool place; 39° to 80°for optimal survival. We take a great deal of care in storing and shipping your order of Naturalis L. Orders shipped when outside temperatures are above 80 degrees are packed with blue ice packets. If kept between 39 and 80 degrees the product shelf life is one year from the day you purchase.


Naturalis L (Quart)

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