• chrysal_professional_2_2017
    Chrysal Professional #2

    Exhibitors and Florist:  No longer do you need to mix Chrysal RVB with Chyrsal Clear. New Chrysal Professional "2" is the answer to your rose and flower preservation. (click on image for complete details.)

    Chrysal Pro 2 (product only) $77.00
    Chrysal Pro 2 Pump $14.00
    Chrysal Pro2 Combo (contains product and pump) $83.00
  • Chrysal Professional 1 (Improved RVB)$43.00
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    For years we have used Chrysal RVB as the premier water treatment and conditioner for both our show roses and those we simply enjoy in our homes.

    This pre-treatment not only kills the harmful bacteria that can block the water passage but also encourages water uptake and promotes "holding". The NEW version does all of the above better than before. No exhibitor should be without it!

    Each one quart bottle makes 134 Gallons! Shipping Included in price to lower 48 States.

  • chrysal_sachet_2018
    Chrysal Cut Rose Food Sachets

    The Chrysal Clear Fresh flower food sachet is a top quality product for all fresh flowers, including mixed bouquets and arrangements. (click image for more information on this product.)

    Chrysal Cut Rose Food Sachets (50 count) $14.75
    Chrysal Cut Rose Food Sachets (100-count) $26.00
  • Rose Pro

    New From Pokon Chrysal! Most of you have been using the Chrysal Clear Sachets for years. Now Pokon has made a product especially for roses. Rose Pro comes in packets of liquid that immediately dissolve. Each packet makes one quart. (Customers note: The Chrysal Sachets you have used for years only make one pint) Keeps the stems firm, leaves green and best of all it helps buds open up to bigger, more beautiful flowers. Enhances color and fragrance. No need to change the vase water. Ideal for all vases.

    Rose Pro (25 packets) $18.00 $13.99
    Rose Pro (50 packets) $28.00 $21.99
    Rose Pro (100 packets) $48.00 $39.99