• magicmix_2016
    Mills' Magic Mix

    Back in stock and ready to ship!   Get more of "The Mix" for the money with the 20 pound bag. Remember, shipping is Free to the lower 48 states. (Click on the image to discover why people are using Mills Magic Mix.)

     Mills Magic Rose Mix is a 100% natural product formulated and developed by Ted Mills, accredited Consulting Rosarian and Rose Show Judge of the American Rose Society. This product is a combination of alfalfa meal, fish meal, steamed bone meal, cottonseed meal, blood meal, activated sludge, and an organic compost activator. NPK analysis is 6-5-1. Use 2-3 times per growing season in combination with Mills EasyFeed. (Or once every 6 weeks if you want to use it alone). Work 2 cups into the soil around the drip line of the plant and water well. (Use 1 cup for miniatures.) It works magic on your roses! Impatiens and other flowers love this product! When using in a flower bed, the application rate is 2 lb. per 100 sq. ft.

    Mills Magic Mix (5 lb.) $17.99
    Mills Magic Mix (10 lb.) $23.99
    Mills Magic Mix 20 lb. $31.99
    Mills Magic Mix 40# Bag $57.99
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    Mills' EasyFeed (dry formula)
    Whether you like the dry or the liquid formula, Mills' EasyFeed is the best chemical fertilizer on the market for roses, ornamentals and practically any other container or bedding plant. Click image to learn more.
    Mills Easy Feed 5 lb. $32.99
    Mills Easy Feed 10lb. $54.99
  • easyfeed_liquid_2016
    Mills' EasyFeed (liquid formula)$0.00
    The EasyFeed liquid formula is the same basic product as the dry, but in an "easier to mix" version. Click on image for complete details.
    Mills Easy Feed Liquid 1 pint $12.99
    Mills Easy Feed Liquid 1/2 Gallon $25.99
    Mills Easy Feed Liquid 1 Gallon $41.99
    Mills EasyFeed Liquid (2.5 gallon) $91.99
  • bloomkote_2016
    Bloomkote Time Released Fertilizer

    For  years you have been asking for a time released fertilizer that was specifically formulated for roses.  Now, you have it!  Not only does Bloomkote deliver the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium needed for your prized roses, it also has the micronutrients needed to make your roses all they can be.  Click on image for complete details.

    NOTES: Due to substantially higher shipping costs, there is no longer a 50# bag.  The 40# bag is the largest size. All Bloomkote is shipped in bags. Containers are no longer available.

    Bloomkote 10 lb. $36.99
    Bloomkote 20# $61.99
    Bloomkote 40lb bag $89.99
  • Beaty_Seaweed_2016
    Beaty's Liquid Seaweed (one gallon)$35.99
    From the makers of Mills Magic Mix!! The benefits of seaweed go beyond supplying nutrients. The sea water that provides seaweed with nutrients also carries bacteria, viruses, and fungi. As a defense against these organisms, it is thought that seaweed synthesizes an arsenal of chemical compounds, and these in turn can be used by garden plants. Seaweed also suffers damage from storms and foraging marine animals, yet regrows rapidly.
  • naturesnog_2016
    Nature's NOG
    Nature's NOG was created and refined by a well-known scientist, researcher, educator and horticulturist.  After forty years of research and hundreds of lab and field tests, Dr. Senn knows the positive impact certain seaweed extracts and humates can have on plant growth. Nature's NOG Liquid and Nature's NOG Granular are safe and environmentally friendly because the two natural ingredients are non-toxic and non-hazardous.

    Nature's NOG is a totally organic, natural compound designed to enhance root formation, increase vascular strength, promote green color, and reduce stress on ornamental and agricultural plants. Nature's NOG is environmentally safe and completely non-toxic to humans, animals and fish. 

    Plant Response to Periodic Treatments :  roots are deeper and thicker ; vascular system is stronger and hardier;  faster germination and upstart;  appearance is deeper green and vibrant ;  withstands the rigors of stress conditions ;  shows increased fertility and fruit quality.

    Nature's NOG (quart) $34.95
    Nature's NOG (gallon) $99.95
  • liquidkarma_2016
    Liquid Karma
    Extensive research and field trials indicate that Liquid KarmaTM produces beneficial results during every phase of plant growth. Starting with seed germination and following through to vegetative growth, budding and flowering, the continued use of Liquid KarmaTM ensures optimal plant growth at every stage. Simply add 1 teaspoon to a gallon of water and pour around the drip line of each plant. May also be added to liquid fertilizer.(Click image for complete details.)
    Liquid Karma (quart) $42.99
    Liquid Karma (gallon) $87.99 $84.99
  • Sequestrene 330 Fe 10% Chelated Iron (5 lb.)$65.00
    Chelated iron promotes lush, dark green foliage. Great for all types of flowers. Use 1 teaspoon in one gallon of water per bush in the spring and again in early fall for fantastic looking foliage.
  • EasyFlow_2016
    Now you can save time and money while enjoying great results with your fertilizing program. Simply fill your EZ-FLO tank with either liquid or dry fertilizer, set your desired mixing ratio, and start fertilizing your roses, lawn or other garden plants. EZ-FLO is a world leader in automatic dispensing systems and solutions for commercial, municipal, school and residential landscapes.EZ-FLO is also used in commercial grower applications to reduce the complexity of fertigation compared to traditional injectors.
    EZ-FLO (2 gallon) $102.00
    EZ-FLO .75 gallon $78.00
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    Brass Siphon Mixer$31.99

    Fertilizer Injection on a budget. (click image for details.)