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EZ-FLO (2 gallon) $102.00 $61.00
EZ-FLO .75 gallon $78.00 $46.80
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Now you can save time and money while enjoying great results with your fertilizing program. The EZ-FLO Automatic Fertilizing System connects to your hose with an "EZ Connection" that is included with each order.
The EZ-FLO All-in-One Garden Hose and Drip Connection Collection is a set of commercial grade automatic fertilization and chemical application systems. These are the best high capacity hose-end feeders available to consumers for distributing water- soluble fertilizers and chemicals evenly, at adjustable proportioning rates. EZ-FLO's hose and drip connection units can attach to any hose bib (the end near the faucet) so the tank doesn't have to be carried with the hose when feeding. The units work with all water soluble and liquid fertilizers (Although Rosemania recommends dry unless you have a drip system), which can be combined in the unit with other chemicals and nutrients to provide "All-In-One" plant and landscape care. Any unit in the Hose and Drip Collection is ideal for residential landscapes and gardens, nurseries or small farms.
Simply fill your EZ-FLO tank with either liquid or dry fertilizer, set your desired mixing ratio, and start fertilizing your roses, lawn or other garden plants. We have always used a Syphonex to apply our fertilizer until we discovered this wonderful new invention. The best news is that it does not reduce the pressure or volume of water as the Syphonex did. You can adjust the mixing ratio to a high setting for rapid feeding or to a low setting to feed a small amount every time you water (Our personal preference for exhibition roses). The 3/4 gallon tank holds up to 5 lbs of fertilizer. (A vacuum-breaker or back-flow preventer is recommended and is "not" included. Either of these can be purchased very inexpensively at your local hardware store.) Free Shipping!