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Forbid Miticide/Ovicide (8oz)

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Control all stages of mites and whiteflies with new Forbid

Forbid offers outstanding knockdown and residual control of mites and whiteflies. The active ingredient in Forbid, spiromesifen, represents a new class of chemistry from Bayer Environmental Science, called the tetramic acids. Thanks to its novel mode of action, foliar-applied Forbid offers growers an effective tool for management of mites resistant to conventional products. It features translaminar activity, controlling mites on both sides of leaves, and has activity from egg through adult life stages (This means you can spray the top of the leaves and Forbid will still kill mites on the underside!) Usage is only 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoons per gallon of spray solution.

Insects Controlled

  • Spider mites
    • twospotted spidermite
    • southern red mite
    • maple spider mite
    • honey locust spider mite
    • Euonymus mite
    • boxwood spider mite
    • tumid mite
    • Lewis mite
  • False spider mites
  • Rust mites
  • Tarsonemid mites
    • broad mites
    • cyclamen mite
  • Whiteflies
    • silverleaf
    • greenhouse
    • sweetpotato

    Not for greenhouse use or on vegetables or fruit trees.

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