Rosemania Garden Hose Water Meter!

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You have been asking for a way to accurately determine how much liquid fertilizer and water you have been putting on your roses. Now you can be sure. Our new Hose Bibb Water Meter comes complete with garden hose thread Inlet & Outlet. This meter fits directly on to the sill cock (lawn faucet) with a swivel adaptor. The outlet of the meter is 3/4" Male Hose Thread, the hose is screwed directly on to it. In many towns you can deduct garden or pool water usage to reduce your sewer surcharge on your water bill. It is a low cost item that will pay for itself in a very short time in money saved due to water conservation and reduced sewer billing charges, electric water pumping costs and strain on your septic system. This meter features an easy-to-read odometer type reading in single gallons, an additional rotary dial with a sweep hand reading 1 gallon per revolution with graduations down to 2/100 of a gallon (2.56 oz). There is also a spinning trickle indicator showing if there is any flow at all to detect leaks. This meter is accurate to within 1-1/2% so you know your exact usage.This meter was tested and approved by the California Dept. of Weights and Measures. Total registration on the meter dial is up to 10 million gallons, and the meter will last a lot longer than that. THIS IS ALSO THE PERFECT DEVICE FOR USE WITH YOUR LIQUID FERTILIZING SYSTEM. NO MORE GUESS WORK AS TO HOW MUCH EACH BUSH HAS RECEIVED. ALSO GREAT TO KNOW HOW MUCH WATER YOU ARE REALLY GIVING EACH PLANT OR ROSE BED.