If you have a large number of roses or other flowering plants in beds or pots, the Siphon Mixer makes the chore of fertilizing easy. Simply mix your fertilizer with water into a regular 5 gallon bucket. The Siphon fits on a regular hose and draws out your liquid concentrate at a 16 to 1 ratio. Simply put, you mix the concentrate at 16 times the recommended strength. (Example: Instead of mixing one tablespoon of Mills Easy Feed per gallon of water, you would mix 16 tablespoons per gallon in your bucket.) The Siphon mixer will then mix the concentrate right into your watering hose at the 1 tablespoon per gallon ratio. All you have to do is move the hose from one plant to the other. A 5 gallon bucket of concentrate will feed up to 80 bushes without having to remix or haul around those heavy watering cans.

"> Brass Siphon Mixer

Brass Siphon Mixer

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