Bloomkote Time Released Fertilizer

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Bloomkote 10 lb. $36.99
Bloomkote 20# $61.99
Bloomkote 40lb bag $89.99
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From the makers of Mills Magic Mix and Mills EasyFeed!   For  years you have been asking for a time released fertilizer that was specifically formulated for roses.  Now, you have it!  Not only does Bloomkote deliver the right amount of nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium needed for your prized roses, it also has the micronutrients needed to make your roses all they can be.  While we still recommend the use of liquid fertilizers, Bloomkote is the perfect product for those with limited time or for ensuring your roses have the constant source of nitrogen and micronutrients they need to thrive.  Bloomkote is released in small amounts into the soil each time you water, or when it rains.  It can be added directly to new planting holes without fear of burning the roots.  Feeds continuously for 4 months!  We recommend 1/2 to 1 cup per rose bush.  Simply blend well with soil of newly planted roses or sprinkle around the drip line of established bushes and lightly scratch into the soil.  This product comes packaged in three sizes:  10#, 20# & 40#.  


Total Nitrogen:                            16.00%

Phosphate:                                   18.00%

Potash                                          14.00%

Boron                                              .02%

Copper                                            .05%

Iron                                                .10%

Manganese                                       .05%

Molybdenum                                .0005%

Zinc                                                .05%