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The Bloomsaver is a tool specifically designed for the flower gardener to facilitate the gathering and proper conditioning of flowers.
This handy tool enables the gardener to
collect dozens of flowers at leisure, while protecting them from wilting, crushing and bruising. It is the perfect container (non metal) in which to condition flowers.
The Bloomsaver is a handsome tool
designed to endure years of use. The base unit is molded of high quality, shock-resistant plastic. The detachable Lexan handle is shatterproof, and threads into a solid brass insert.
  • The three section base allows for sorting of flowers by size, color, or type.
  • The Bloomsaver is easy to carry, stable, and extremely sturdy.
  • The Bloomsaver weighs only 2 pounds and stands 23 inches tall with the handle attached



Cut Flower Care Using the Bloomsaver
The key to long lasting flowers is proper care when they are cut.
  • Fill the Bloomsaver with several inches of warm water and take it into the garden at cutting time.
  • Immediately upon cutting strip the stems of lower foliage and immerse them in the Bloomsaver to prevent shock and stress to delicate blooms.
  • Allow flowers to remain in this water for at lease 1-2 hours, to promote hydration.
  • At the time of arrangement be sure to provide food in the vase water to ensure full development of the flowers