Stature SC

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Stature® SC fungicide is the new flowable formulation of dimethomorph, the active ingredient with proven performance for preventive control of Phytophthora and downy mildew diseases. When used as directed, Stature SC:

• Offers a novel mode of action and a distinctly different chemical class of fungicides; it is a Group 40 fungicide.

• Has activity (through the active ingredient dimethomorph) against Phytophthora spp. and members of the Peronosporaceae (downy mildews). Stature SC is not active on Pythium spp.

• Can be applied as a spray, drench or through chemigation. Efficacy has been demonstrated on ornamentals grown in either soil, artificial substrates such as rockwool, or hydroponics.

Better Results, No Resistance  (25 ounce bottle)

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