Nitril Disposable Gloves - ** NEW 8mil **

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When it comes to protection from pesticides, the best glove money can buy is made from Nitril. Here is a quote from the Virginia Tech Pesticide Program. "You should never handle a pesticide without using a pair of unlined chemical resistant gloves....Look for gloves made of nitrile ....."   We have historically carried a much thinner gloves but due to customer requests we now only carry the much thicker 8 mil glove for the best protection level.  Especially easy to handle measuring-spoons during mixing where the chemical is at its most concentrated form. Box of 50 gloves will last most users 1 season.   Also great for painting, staining, cleaning with bleach and other powerful cleaners.  Simply great to have around.  Sizes tend to run small so if you normally wear a medium, consider a large.