Chrysal Professional #2

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Chrysal Pro 2 (product only) $77.00 $62.00
Chrysal Pro 2 Pump $14.00
Chrysal Pro2 Combo (contains product and pump) $83.00
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NO LONGER IS THEIR ANY NEED TO COMBINE CHRYSAL RVB AND CHRYSAL CLEAR!! For years we have been recommending the use of Chrysal Pro 1 (RVB) with the Chrysal "Clear" Sachets or Liquid. The reason is this: RVB (Pro 1) is a hydration solution. It allows the cut flowers to "drink" maximum water keeping stems and petals turgid (stiff). This promotes "holding" and eliminates the "bent neck syndrome". The Chrysal "Clear" product contains sugars specially designed for feeding roses and other cut flowers. (Yes, your roses can actually continue to grow in the vase or in the cooler.)


 Now we are now proud to introduce "Chrysal Professional 2". 


This new product is 70% hydration (RVB) and 30% sugars (Chrysal Clear)....... the perfect solution for exhibitors or anyone who wants long-lasting flowers.  

Keeps the water clean, clear and odorless. 

Usage is 2 teaspoons per quart. A gallon concentrate will make 96 gallons of finished product. 

Customers note:   Chrysal Pro2 now has a handy pump available. You can purchase the pump alone, the product alone, or both in a combination.  Each stroke of the pump measures enough Chrysal Pro2 to make 1.5 quarts of finished product.