Mills' EasyFeed (dry formula)

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Mills Easy Feed 5 lb. $32.99
Mills Easy Feed 10lb. $54.99
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Mills EasyFeed is an accelerated flowering formula. This unique product provides abundant growth-producing nutrients from both organic and non-organic sources. EasyFeed is a combination of Epsom Salts, sequestrine chelated iron, soluble seaweed extract, fish solubles, urea and other soluble fertilizers. NPK analysis is 20-10-6. EasyFeed should be applied monthly during the growing season. Dilute one tablespoon of EasyFeed per gallon of water for each rose plant. This product is great for any flowering plant! When used in flower beds, spray flowers until runoff occurs. Use caution when using any liquid fertilizer as a foliar spray. When applied during high temperatures, burning can occur. The best time to spray is early in the morning, or late in the evening when it is cooler.