Clearex Salt Leaching Solution

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Clearex Salt Leaching solution is one product all plant growers should be using once per year to remove unwanted salt buildup from chemical fertilizers.  A revolutionary product that will totally rejuvenate your flower beds while doing so at a very small cost!

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Clearex Salt Leaching Solution (1 gallon) $44.00
Clearex Salt Leaching Solution - (1 Quart) $23.99 $17.99
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Clearex is an isotonic drenching solution that unlocks the ionic bond between the nutrient and the soil or soilless grow substrate, correcting the problem of nutrient salt toxicity and lockout, allowing plants to excel again.

Clearex Salt Leaching Directions:

On the first application, we recommend mixing one tablespoon with one gallon of water and pouring around the dripline of the plant. Wait 24 hours and then flush well with water from a water wand. We use Clearex three times a year....spring, mid summer, and late fall. One teaspoon per gallon is all that is required for subsequent treatments.

This is a wonderful product for anyone who wants to control salt buildup in their soil. A must have for exhibitors and for those who grow plants in containers!